• The Lot Lizard CD
    The Lot Lizard CD

    The Lot Lizard's debut album features 6 tracks including:
    Consumption, Shots, Slowly, The Call, Gravy, and one instrumental; Bleeder.
    Purchase directly from the band and avoid the middle man!
    Thanks for your support!!

  • The Lot Lizard T-Shirts
    The Lot Lizard T-Shirts

    S, L, XL, and 2XL's
    Quality cotton fabric with a design that stand the test of many mosh pits.

  • The Lot Lizard Stickers
    The Lot Lizard Stickers

    Quality indoor/outdoor stickers that are small enough to put on your phone, but big enough to cover a small-medium size nipple...So get your sticker(s) today.

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    Slutty Tank Tops

    Tank tops for the ladies.